Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lomographic Accessories


PRICE: 2,000

No beating around the bush here. The WOCTRON, complete with a fearsome name and authentic 80’s throwback graphics is an easy and powerful light-tosser to fit onto any standard hotshoe camera – including the LC-A, Fisheye, Fed 5, and a whole buncha other cameras. 2 settings are available- full power manual, and a semi-automatic setting which controls the flash output according to your film ISO and aperture setting. Effective to a maximum of 36 feet (11m). Uses 4 “AA” batteries (not included)

* Size: 4.5” x 2.25” x 2.25” (11.5 x 5.7 x 5.7cm)
* Power Source: 4 “AA” batteries (not included)
* Effective Range: 36’ (11m)
* Recycle Time: 6-8 seconds


PRICE: 3,000

With the Holga camera set to "B," this Holgon flash will fire 2x per second as long as your shutter is open. Crazy action-freezing strobe images are a snap. Swivel the flash element up for bounce-flash effects. Its huge capacitor
gives than enough power for big group shots. Single and bounce flash works on every manual hotshoe camera.

Strobe Flash
The Holgon draws on 4 fully-grown “AA” batteries to charge its massive electronic capacitor. After its fully loaded, it can fire a TON of flashes at a rate of 2x per second. When married to the Holga 120N hotshoe camera, the strobe function will automatically fire when the camera is set to a “B” shutter (the shutter stays open for as long as you like). The result is crazy, action-freezing, strobe madness.

Bounce Flash
A swivel joint on the end of the Holgon allows you to tilt the light up to 90 degrees upwards and bounce flash off of a low ceiling and onto your subject’s head. Bathe them in soft reflected light for an unexpected and sensual shadow effect.

Single Flash
When a tiny built-in flash just won’t cut it, call in the Holgon’s heavy guns. With its aforementioned capacitor capacity, the Holgon is more than powerful enough to light a small
group of humans, full-size hounds, or small horses.

The Holgon’s single and bounce flash features will work with any manual hotshoe camera. This includes Fed 5’s, Smena Symbols, Seagull TLR’s, classic SLR cameras, and a ton of other photo-jewels. The strobe flash only reliably works with the Holga

PRICE: 4,400php

A magnetic little skipper to effortlessly mount on the front of your camera and actively blow your images out into strikingly tunnel-bound and freakishly wide-angle shots.

Package Includes:
Front & Rear caps, drawstring bag, nylon strap, 4 mounting rings (*Camera is not included.)


The fisheye submarine allows you to pioneer bravely where no fisheye camera has gone before. Compatible with both the fisheye 1 & 2, just load the camera and you are ready for your submarine adventure.



Here we have nothing short of the most amazing electronic flash that you have ever experienced! When mounted onto your camera, the Ringflash completely surrounds you lens and throws a burst of perfectly even light onto your subject – making for fantastic close-up portraits with a signature look.

Plastic adapters are included to use the Ringflash with the following Lomography cameras: Fisheye, Fisheye 2, LC-A, LC-A+, Holga .

Package include:
- Ringflash x 1
- plastic adaptors x 5
- hotshoe sync cord
- Color & Diffusion Rings


PRICE: 4,200php

Call it a curvaceous illuminated canvas, or an electro-powered ego-feeder: the In-Light is surely the brightest photo-art piece ever conceived. Clad in slim white, the In-Light is houses a fully customizable collection of transparency sheets. Each sheet alters both the look of the lamp and the pattern of light that it throws.

PRICE: 800php

Forget that endless pile of paperwork that you cannot manage anymore, and fill any possible surface in your living environment. We have just the solution to this situation – don’t worry, there is hope!. The new Lomography Notebook helps you keep up-to-date, practically guarantees you are always on time and never again will you forget a single thing. Every page of the Lomography Notebook contains plenty of space for making daily notes, practicing your best friends signature or simply designing a new sparkly spacesuit for NASA. Since the Lomographic Society always takes care of its vast community`s mental training, you will find on every page: 1. LomoMission - a daily theme that gives a push to your imagination. 2. LomoLocations - dreamy secret spots you should visit and shoot before your days are over. 3. LomoTip - a sure-to-please exercise for your restless set of fingers to stretch your camera to the utmost limits. As well as any other earnest notebook, this newcomer here contains heaps of vitally necessary information, amongst which you`ll find dialling codes and timezones, Lomoshop-, LomoEmbassy- and LomoDoctor-locators and so much more. Now, tidy up that mess on your desk and start anew from a clean slate.

PRICE: 4,400php

The days of choosing between the amazing Fisheye or the dazzling Lomo have come to an end. Attaching to your LC-A via the same magnetic mount as your beloved Tunnelvision lens, it explodes your view – yielding an approx. 170-degree image.

Package Includes:
- Front & Rear caps
- drawstring bag
- nylon strap
- 4 mounting rings
(*Camera is not included.)

PRICE: 4,800php

Package Includes:
- Holga Fisheye Lens
- Universal Holga Mount
- 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm filter rings
- Protective case
- Front & rear caps
(*Camera is not included)
- 9 Color Filters
- Editorial Poster

PRICE: 3000php

>Soft Surround (Red, Blue, Orange, Grey)
A clear little circle island sits within an frosted, colored sea. The center of your image is plucked out of the surrounding noise, and forcefully thrust into the attention of your audience. The background fades away in a dim, soft wash of blur.

>Solid Color (Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue)
The first three colors are of particular interest to our B&W aficionados. Yellow brings out clouds in a blue sky, reduces freckles, and darkens blue eyes. Orange yields contrasty skies, brightens yellow, orange, and red tones, and heavily darkens green. Red creates dramatic contrast - blue skies darken to nearly black and fair skin is rendered white as snow. The Blue filter is useful to "cool" down a color image - and has the nice effect of making orange night-time lighting look more white. It's especially good at dusk and nighttime. All of these filters can also be used with color film in the bright daytime for a vibrant monochrome effect.

>Multi-Image (Quintuple, Triple Image, Triangular)
Any addicts of the glam and power-rock albums of the 70's is certainly familiar with the psychedelic multi-image filter effect. Using several refracting surfaces, these filters break your subject into repeating multi-images, with a sexy soft blur between each section. The Quintuple filter yields five repeating images in a pentagon formation. The Triple Image filter gives you three copies, moving laterally across. And, the Triangular filter (predictably) creates a repeating pattern of three portraits.

PRICE: 2,400php

>Package Contents
- Hotshoe Colorsplash Flash
- "AA" Battery

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